Sci-Fi Pistol

Beginning life as a simple Nerf gun, this sci fi pistol became something much more. A total repaint, […]

MadlyFX Business Cards

Our business is unusual, so naturally our business cards are as well. A custom design originally made from […]

Eyeball Stab

For the feature film Kids and Ghosts, a main character gets stabbed in the eye with a key. […]

SHT MTN Music Video

For this music video, the main focus was an artist who cuts himself and bleeds paint. Because there […]

Damaged A-10 Warthog

Built to be destroyed, this plane needed to look like it had a reason to go down. […]

Light Grenades

These light grenade props were created for the short film Vendetta. They were custom designed for the movie, […]

Missile Rifle

The Missile Rifle was created for a short film called Sicarius. It was custom designed and CNC milled […]


The Treadlapse is a special kind of camera platform that’s specifically meant for timelapse photography. It features a […]

Bioshock Miniature

This 1/26th scale miniature was hand built from wood, styrene, acrylic, and ABS. This miniature features both […]

Battlefield 4 Miniature

We created this 137th scale miniature based on the Operation Locker map from battlefield 4. The miniature is […]

Bioshock Images

We combined costumes, props, makeup, and digital effects to create a series of custom images for a […]

Flash Rifle

These custom rifle props feature a camera flash unit along with an acrylic barrel. The bright flash exits […]

Sandstone Practical

For the film Sandstone, we created several effects and props. We did numerous blood gags, including bullet wounds […]

Automaton Mask

This mask was created for a film called The Automaton. The mask was based on a drawing by […]

Camera golf cart

This electric golf cart, built for Daufenbach Camera in Chicago, was stripped down and converted into a camera […]